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What to Do When Pipes Freeze and Cause Extensive Water Damage in Rockland County, NY

October 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

As the days and nights get colder, freezing pipes become more and more of a real concern. Without proper insulation and safe temperatures, your pipes could be – susceptible to freezing and bursting. In the unfortunate even of a burst pipe this winter, contact ServiceMaster by QuickResponse for immediate water damage restoration in Rockland County, NY.

Here are some tips you can follow to decrease the amount of water damage to your home:

Turn off your main water supply. Cutting off your water will prevent more water from flowing out of the broken line. If the pipe is still frozen, cutting off the water supply could even prevent any extreme water damage to your home.

Turn off your electricity. Depending on how much water has spilled from the broken pipe, you should be cautious around circuit breakers and wires. If water has pooled on the ground near a source of electricity, turning that source off is the safest course of action. Water can carry dangerous electrical currents across wide sections of your floor.

Disconnect your hot water valve. If the burst pipe is connected to a hot water line, the energy to heat the water is being wasted. Either shut off the main water supply or, if so equipped, the valve at the water heater.

Don’t let it thaw. If a burst pipe is still frozen, your best course of action is to keep it that way. The optimal scenario with a burst pipe is to have a still-frozen section of pipe you can cut off from the water supply. You can then remove that section, drain the pipes, and replace the broken piece of pipe.

A burst pipe doesn’t have to be the watery disaster it often is. Following these easy steps can keep your family and home safe and as water damage free as possible until our technicians arrive. Contact us at ServiceMaster by QuickResponse for all water damage restoration needs in Rockland County, NY.

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