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Your Fireplace Might be Your Quickest Way to Needing Fire Damage Restoration in Rockland County, NY

October 15th, 2015 · No Comments

As the weather cools, a cozy fire in your home fireplace may become more and more tempting. A crackling fire may be one of the cheers of the holiday season, but without proper fireplace safety procedures, it may also put you in the fast lane to a house fire. At ServiceMaster by QuickResponse, we offer emergency fire damage restoration in Rockland County, NY in case you encounter a fireplace-related mishap.

Although a very old concept, today’s fireplaces are designed with safety in mind, but this doesn’t change the fact that you are lighting a fire inside your home. There are a few steps you can take to minimize the dangers of a fireplace.

For example, routine cleanings and inspections of your chimney and flue can seriously increase your ability to prevent—or at least catch—problems before they arise. Creosote and soot buildup can clog your chimney and eventually catch fire. A leaky or clogged flues can push toxic smoke back into your home. Most chimneys and flues need cleaning at least once a year, preferably in the fall before you use them in the winter and after you can account for summer debris.

Investing in a high quality glass or metal screen will also decrease your chances of a house fire. A fireplace cover is a simple, effective way to keep burning embers, sparks, and ash contained without blocking the warmth from the fire.

Building better fires can also decrease your risk of a fireplace-related house fire. Using less paper when starting a fire is one way to begin managing fires in your fireplace. While it’s easier to start a fire with quick-burning paper, the soot can also buildup more quickly with the more paper you use. You can also make sure the logs you place in your fireplace are stable and dry, and never use lighter fluid to light a fire in your fireplace. It’s simply too difficult to control the fast-igniting fluid.

Find out how to (safely) use your fireplace more efficiently here and here. You can also learn more about fireplace safety for all homes here and about safety for old homes here. If you do experience a fireplace-related disaster, contact us at ServiceMaster by QuickResponse for fire damage restoration in Rockland County, NY.

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