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Weatherize Your Home to Prevent the Need for Water Damage Restoration Services in Rockland County, NY

September 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

There are parts of the U.S. where the sun shines nearly all year round and a front porch can double as a room for rent. While places like Florida and Southern California enjoy consistently beautiful weather, they don’t get to experience the unequaled magic of fall, when the leaves finally change, and of winter, when the first snowfall covers the ground. In exchange for the wonder of the changing seasons, northern parts of the U.S. pay the price of winter weather. At ServiceMaster by QuickResponse, we offer professional water damage restoration services in Rockland County, NY. But we like our customers to know how to weatherize their homes to prevent most damage from occurring in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for the changing seasons:

Gutters and roof:

  • Clean the leaves and gunk out of your gutters before the first frost. A clean gutter will keep ice dams from building up next to your roof and pushing water back into your home.
  • Direct the runoff from gutters at least five feet away from the base of your home. If water collects and freezes in and around your foundation it could crack the cement when it melts. A cracked foundation can lead to a flooded basement.
  • Clear your roof and check for cracks. Make sure to sweep off debris, but leave the pebbles that protect the cracks in your roof from water and ice.

Windows and doors:

  • Seal around the edges of your windows with caulking to keep water from collecting inside the sill. Cover the inside of your windows with a plastic winter sealant to keep moisture from penetrating from inside the home as well.
  • Install weather strips on all your doors leading outside. This keeps water out and heat in.


  • Turn off all water sources to your outside pipes, and drain the water from outside hoses, pipes, and taps.
  • Check the plumbing in your basement or other areas that could be exposed to freezing temperatures. To preemptively prevent bursting, it’s best to insulate any pipes that may have the potential to freeze.
  • Check for any areas of your home where moisture from the inside heat may collect and start mold growth. Be aware that these areas may need constant dehumidifying during the winter months.

These preparations will help lower your risk of water damage during the winter, but if you do encounter damage, contact us at ServiceMaster by QuickResponse for water damage restoration services in Rockland County, NY.

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